/// Winding Technology

The power capacity of electric motors can be significantly upgraded by the increase of the copper filling factor. At the same time, the winding technique represents the most expensive and time consuming task of the production process. 

With our windig technique, we are able to wind distributed windings with a 80% copper filling factor. Power density and efficiency are as a result significantly improved. According to the usage purpose, the low material costs for magnets and electro sheet can compensate the hight winding costs. Contrary to other winding technologies, in ours the wire will not be thickened and the frequency dependent  losses related to current displacement and whirl current losses, increase only slightly (8%, at 1kHz ground wave).

We are working currently on the full automation of our winding technology, whereby it can achieve cost advantages with lower conditions on the electric machine.


/// Competition

 Status of the Technique (distributed windings)

  • around 45% filling level at serial production
  • bad heat dissipation
  • Manual interconnection
/// SciMo Winding Technology

Highest Power Capacity (distributed windings)

  • over 70% filling level
  • very good heat dissipation
  • defined locat
  • tougher construction