Winding Technology

The power density of electric motors can be significantly improved by increasing the copper filling factor. At the same time, the winding technique represents the most expensive and time consuming task of the production process. 

With our windig technique, we are able to achieve distributed windings with  copper filling factors above 70 % . As result the power density and efficiency are  significantly improved. According to the application, the lower material costs for magnets and electric sheet lamination can compensate the higher winding costs. Contrary to other winding technologies the frequency dependent winding losses caused by current displacements increase only slightly with increasing speed (8 %, at 1 kHz fundamental frequency).

We are working on fully automatizing our winding technology. This will enable us to produce cost-effective high performance electric motors.

/// Competitiors

 State of the art (distributed windings)

  • around 45% filling level in series production
  • bad heat dissipation
  • manual phase connection
/// SciMo Winding Technology

Highest power density (distributed windings)

  • over 70% filling factor
  • very good heat dissipation
  • defined location of terminals
  • robust and reliable design