System Design and Optimization

Optimization and detailed simulation of the electric drive system is very important, when we are requested to build high performance motors for unique applications, which are close to the physical limits.

We’ve therefore built up a very powerful simulation toolchain over the last years and are still working on new features.

The probably most important feature is the fully automated structure of the toolchain. All necessary calculation steps can be done with a mouse click and all steps in a sequence can be used to automatically optimize the design.

/// This is how we simulate our drive systems:
  1. A unique parameter set is generated, which completely describes the geometry and materials of a motor design.
  2. The geometry is generated including all corner radius and all details.
  3. The electromagnetic FEA is performed using 50 or more cores simultaneously, as it is fully parallized.
  4. A full 3D thermal FEA  is performed and the results are transformed by a modal reduction to generate a thermal network that has each component which is of interest as degree of freedom. Normally all wires are for example modelled individually.
  5. Optionally inverter and gearbox design can be added or optimized for the given machine.
  6. We now have a modell that fully characterizes our drive system and we can now apply loadcycles in order to get the thermal response or any more complex simulations, for example maximum dynamics,….
  7. The simulation results can be evaluated and feedback to an optimization that is adapting the parameter set and then starting the next iteration.

The measurements results are used as input data for the simulation and deviations are directly shown. With this steps the simulation models are validated each time when measurements are done.

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Optimization toolchain for SciMo Motors