Due to many years of experience and knowledge in the field of modeling of electric drive systems, we have very detailed simulation models for:

  • Tests during controller design
  • Analysis and test of the entire drive system
  • System optimization

In this way, the behavior of the engine can be analyzed in detail even before a prototype is manufactured. The parameterization of the simulation and design models is carried out from the data of the FEM simulations of the machine. Thus, the control system for the measurement of the machine can be parameterized on the test bench before the measurement of the real machine.

In addition, after the machine measurement the model can be parameterized with the data from the measurement and thus further improved. Simulation with these models has the following advantages compared to testing on the test bench:

  • Simulations at limits without danger are possible
  • Cost savings compared to operation on the test bench
  • Test of algorithms for control and regulation without danger in case of instability

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