/// Development

/// Optimized Electric Drive System

Based on our deep understanding of electric drive systems including power electronics, electric motors and gearboxes, we can optimize the overall system to idealy meet our customer’s requirements. Either in terms of optimized system performance, as well as through a simpler interface definition and the plug´n play compability.

/// Multidisciplinary Approach

The fusion of electrical engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing know-how enables the development of electric motors at the limits of physics. The advanced test bench facility enables the validation and further improvement of new motor concept ideas. This ongoing improvement of our electric motors leads to a decisive competitive advantage.

/// Powerful Optimization Loop

SciMo developed a powerful optimization loop for the development of high-end electric motors. The optimization loop optimizes in each iteration the electromagnetic, mechanical strength and thermal properties of the electric motor. All solutions are fulfilling the frameworks conditions that avoids a frequent revising of the final design. The number of iterations can therefore be lowered significantly.

/// Mechanical Calculations and CAD Design

Mechanical calculations range from the analysis of tolerances, calculations of the rotor strength to CFD calculation of coolant flows. Our design philosophy aims at simple designs and reduced production efforts for each component. If possible plastic parts are used to reduce the overall weight of the motor. An example is the bearing plates of the synchronous machine made from plastic. Additional functions can be added cost-effectively via function integration, e.g. the integration of additional electronics like a rotary encoder, temperature measurement and an infrared rotor temperature measurement. The temperature data is transmitted via a CAN bus.

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/// Manufacturing and Prototyping

New motor concept can only be validated by building prototypes. Hence, the design of new motor concept is important in our development process. The electrical steel packages and the costly machining are obtained from external suppliers. We rely on all other manufacturing steps on our own process know-how. One of our key technologies is the winding technology and the subsequent vacuum encapsulation of the stator.

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