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SciMo - Elektrische Hochleistungsantriebe

/// Innovative technologies for electric motors of the future

SciMo is creating high performance electric motors with highest efficiencies. The product area of SciMo is as well extended to services around electric motors like the electromagnetic design, mechanical calculations, CAD constructions and the manufacturing of prototype motors. The unique performance characteristics of our motors are reached via the key technologies of:
  •   Copper fill factors above 80% using distributed windings
  •   Innovative cooling concepts, such as indirect cooling of the copper windings
SciMo electric motors are being built and used since the year 2013. Our motors can reach a peak power density of more than 17 kW/kg and a permanent power density of 10 kW/kg. The SciMo technology is suitable for all applications with highest demands for power density and efficiency. SciMo motors have been extensively tested in the Formula Student and proved highest quality standards.



/// ‚Junge Innovatoren‘ grant extended

For the construction of the fully automated Winding Technology with the highest filling levels, SciMo´s grant from the State of Baden Württemberg has been extended. 

We are very pleased about this extension!



/// SciMo invests on a Production Center

Since the beginning of 2018, SciMo occupies a new hall in Karlsruhe Rheinhafen.

Besides the Motor Prototype construction and the Electronic Production, we are specially proud of our brand new 3-Axle  CNC-Milling Machine and the  5-Axle CNC-Rotating Milling Center, both of them from DMG Mori.

/// TU Delft wins second place at the Hyperloop Competition 2018
For the TU Delft Hyperloopteam, SciMo cosntructed our very own overworked strong velvet  Motor. The Motor has a power of 200 kW with only 11,5 kg weight. The corresponding converter adds only over 6 kg weight. Unfortunately we must settle for second place.
/// SciMo receives ‘Junge Innovatoren’ grant

SciMo is funded by the program ‘Junge Innovatoren’ of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The aim of the grant is to convert high-quality technologies and innovative processes into marketable products in order to preserve Baden-Württemberg as a technology region in the long term. Further information about the funding program can be found here.

/// TU Munich wins again the Hyperloop competition 2017!

The Munich WARR-Team wins the SpaceX Hyperloop competition in August 2017 again after winning this competition already in August 2016. The Munich pod, powered by the SciMo could reach a maximum velocity of 201 mph within a 0.8 miles short track. This impressive run is shown here.  Congratulation to this exceptional success !

/// KaRaceIng on Place 1 of the World Ranking List

After an intense season and a constant head-to-head race with the teams from Delft, Stuttgart and Zurich, the Formula Student team from Karlsruhe was able to make the first place in the world ranking list for the first time in the club history.

The KIT16e electric racing car is powered by four  motors that were developed in cooperation with KaRaceIng.

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SciMo produces high performance electric motors with highest power densities. The scope of SciMo includes as well customized inverter solutions and the manufacturing of prototype motors.

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